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After I saw the early concept art for Charmcaster, I had an urge to make some witch OCs. Since OV Charmcaster’s main design theme is heart, their themes are inspired by other 3 suits of playing card.
Name: Brew

Design theme: clubs(♣) and the magical girl genre.
Character role: neutral

Powers: 1. To produce magic items, especially potions, 2. plant and fungi manipulation

Brew is a former inhabitant of Ledgerdomain who sought a refuge from Adwaita’s tyranny. She was originally an old hag until her magic potion rejuvenates her body. But thanks to its side effect, now she’s permenantly a kid, both physically and mentally. Because of that, she sometimes causes some serious accidents, like dumping her potion into the water supply of Bellwood.

Brew currently resides in a forest near Bellwood, making all sorts of charms and potions and selling them by mail order. She gives her products to anybody as long as she’s paid. They may have a few side effects, but they work really well.

She’s not very good at fighting because she’s a potion specialist, but she’s nearly invincible in forests where many plants and fungi grow.


Name: Scryer, the mirror witch

Design theme: Diamonds(♦), crystal gazing, and mirrors
Character role: villain

Powers: 1. To find anything she's looking for via her mirror, 2. to reflect her enemy's attack back at him, 3. to shoot sharp pieces of glass at her opponent.

A former resident of Ledgerdomain. She ran away to the mirror world when Adwaita took over her homeland. She was originally a witch who could merely tell fortunes with a crystal ball, but she learns various types of magic using mirrors in her new home. She can see anything in the real world and bring it to her realm, as long as it's reflected in mirrors, water, computer screen, etc. In other words, she knows everybody’s private business.

Since the residents of the mirror world are just the non-sentient reflections of their originals, they only mimic their originals’ actions. She thinks they’re all boring, so she searches for anything from the real world that interests her and brings it into the mirror. But because she's very fickle, she gets bored of it so easily and finds something else.


Name: (I haven’t come up with a good name for her yet)

Design theme: Spades(♠) and necromancy.
Character role: villain

Powers: to create living deads and control them.

She was originally a mediocre sorceress until her family tried to rebel against Adwaita and got killed. In order to bring them back to life, she began to learn dark magic. But bringing the dead back to life is very dangerous unless she sacrifices a large amount of souls like Charmcaster did. As a punishment for breaking the order of the Netherworld, her body turned corpse-like. She’s now wearing a mask to hide her hideous face and wandering from place to place. Unfortunately, her magic isn’t complete , so the people she revives are all living skeleton and corpses who can’t remember their former lives. She will do anything to find a way to bring her family back to life perfectly. Although she lacks fighting abilities, her undead army can fight for her.


Ji Yeon Park
South Korea
This is CheshireP's page XD. You can also call me "Karin"; it's my more common nickname on Korean websites.

Since English is not my first language, there might be some bad(or really horrible) grammar. So please don't laugh at me when I make a stupid mistake^^; But I'll do my best improving my English skills.

I usually post my drawings and an English version of sneak peek of Ben 10: Science Hero(The publisher has allowed me to do so, btw).

There is a fanfic I've written since 3~4 years ago as well. It's called "Ben in the Nightmare." Two of my dearest friends are helping me posting it here. But I warn you, its genre is horror! So I don't recommend you to read my fanfic if you don't like gory or creepy stuffs.

Beside of English, I'm learning Spanish, too. My BF is a Hispanic LOL. Although I can say a few basic phrases right now, I'll study hard so I can understand what she says in Spanish.

Currently I'm studying in Florida, but I'll move to California this fall for my future college life:D I'm going to UCLA! Whoo-hoo! And I'll visit S. Korea when I have enough time.

By the way, my Twitter account is clover_karin. If you want to personally talk with me, follow me!^^

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