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Dimension 63 Version of Wildvine by CheshireP
Dimension 63 Version of Wildvine
Brenda 63's Florauna form. She’s designed after several carnivorous plants(i.e: nependes, sundew, Venus flytrap) and Audrey II from Little Shop of Horrors.
Whisper gijinka in Omniverse style by CheshireP
Whisper gijinka in Omniverse style

I designed Whisper’s human form for my Ben 10 Omniverse x Youkai Watch crossover. Since Keita resembles Ben, I wanted Whisper to be Rook’s YW counterpart. I was thinking Future Whisper can disguise himself as a human when he wants to be seen by other humans or when Keita needs an accompanying guardian.

Whisper is Keita’s self-proclaimed butler. Although he is talkative and a bit snobbish, he’s also a polite, sensitive gentleman. He helps Keita and Ben’s gang understand youkais better, but most of his knowledge just comes from his YoukaiPad. Ben and Rook says his original form reminds them of Tiffin, giving much annoyance to Whisper.

Keita Amano in Omniverse style by CheshireP
Keita Amano in Omniverse style
I drew a teen version of Keita Amano in OV style for my Ben 10 Omniverse x Youkai Watch crossover. Since Ben 10 and Youkai Watch are both about a boy whose watch allows him to use all sorts of monsters' powers, I thought the crossover would work quite well. I haven’t designed Keita's new watch yet.

Here are some ideas for the crossover:

1. Keita Amano is now a teen, and he has a new Youkai Watch which can allow other people to see youkais as well. But people still can’t see youkais until his watch shines upon those youkais. So at first Ben thought Keita was just some weirdo talking to himself.

2. Ben and Rook mistake Whisper for a Tiffin when they see him for the first time.

3. Undertown has more youkais than any other place does. Some of them are just from Bellwood. Some of them are alien youkais who moved to Undertown along with their hosts. It’s also a very popular tour site for Japanese youkais because they think possessing aliens is a refreshing entertainment. This is why Undertown is always the center of all troubles.

4. Ben Tennyson is super famous even in Japan. Keita already heard of him before they meet. But Whipser thought Ben was just a con artist until he actually saw Ben transformed.

5. Anur aliens are technically alien youkais, so they can be summoned by Keita’s watch. Frankenstrike belongs to Goketsu(ゴーケツ族, tough) group, Blitzwolfer belongs to Bukimi(ブキミ族, creepy) group, Snare-Oh belngs to Nyororon(ニョロロン族, wiggly) group, and Ghostfreak and Whampire belong to Usurakage(ウスラカゲ, dark) group. If Keita uses one of their youkai metals, Ben automatically transforms into that alien and becomes summoned. This allows Ben to switch his forms more quickly or teleport as well.

6. Keita himself can’t fight at all, but he can summon his youkai friends. In this way, he can help Ben’s gang or sabotage villains in battle by affecting their personalities, moods and behaviors.
Ben 10 Omniverse OC 7 by CheshireP
Ben 10 Omniverse OC 7
Meridia, 63 Azmuth. 

Meridia is a relaxed, generous, and kind elderly lady who loves to help others. But because of that, sometimes she can be somewhat nosy. She was a failed student when she was a tadpole, but she studied very hard and became what she is now. Meridia believes that everybody has the potential to shine and that diversity and flaws are what make the universe beautiful.
Ben 10 Omniverse OC 6 by CheshireP
Ben 10 Omniverse OC 6

One of AU Brendas and Ben 23’s female counterpart. 

Some terrible accident happened to her, and she became afraid of her powers and decided to live as a complete shut-in. (left picture) But thanks to Enigma(63 Paradox), she could meet Brenda 63 and gain courage once more. Now she’s continuing her superhero life in secret. (right picture) she’s become one of the most strong-minded and mature AU Bens as she overcame her greatest fear and despair.

"Brenda 23" is designed after Madotsuki from Yume Nikki. She usually hides the Omnitrix in her sleeve.

I just realized now I got more than 700 watchers. That's pretty sweet. It may be just average here, but it means a lot to me. Thanks, guys. Thank you for everything.  


Ji Yeon Park
South Korea
This is CheshireP's page XD. You can also call me "Karin"; it's my more common nickname on Korean websites.

Since English is not my first language, there might be some bad(or really horrible) grammar. So please don't laugh at me when I make a stupid mistake^^; But I'll do my best improving my English skills.

I usually post my drawings and an English version of sneak peek of Ben 10: Science Hero(The publisher has allowed me to do so, btw).

There is a fanfic I've written since 3~4 years ago as well. It's called "Ben in the Nightmare." Two of my dearest friends are helping me posting it here. But I warn you, its genre is horror! So I don't recommend you to read my fanfic if you don't like gory or creepy stuffs.

Beside of English, I'm learning Spanish, too. My BF is a Hispanic LOL. Although I can say a few basic phrases right now, I'll study hard so I can understand what she says in Spanish.

Currently I'm studying in Florida, but I'll move to California this fall for my future college life:D I'm going to UCLA! Whoo-hoo! And I'll visit S. Korea when I have enough time.

By the way, my Twitter account is clover_karin. If you want to personally talk with me, follow me!^^

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Fanficwriter1 Featured By Owner May 23, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
I know this might seem sudden or a bit off kilter considering what happened to you, but may I use your OC Brenda 63 and her aliens in an upcoming story I have planned? Again, I only ask to use her and any of the aliens mentioned/depicted. If you object to this, it is not a problem as I have not begun production yet and it is not an important part of the story.
CheshireP Featured By Owner May 26, 2015
As long as you mention that the ideas were originally mine in your story, then it's totally fine to use them.
Fanficwriter1 Featured By Owner May 27, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
Of course! I can send you the link to the story when she shows up too, if you like.
CheshireP Featured By Owner May 27, 2015
Oh, that'd be nice. Thanks.
judai-yuuki Featured By Owner May 23, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Do you take requests or commissions? :meow:
CheshireP Featured By Owner Edited May 26, 2015
I've already got many requests, so at this point I don't. I need to finish those first. Sorry.
judai-yuuki Featured By Owner May 27, 2015  Student Digital Artist
It's okay! Take your time dear, I don't mind waiting ^^
But be sure to let me know once they open again, or if you'll do commissions, since I'd love to request/commission when you're not busy ~
sameri12345 Featured By Owner May 18, 2015
Could you do a list of the AUs and their counterparts because I'm all confused on who is who
CheshireP Featured By Owner May 19, 2015
Do you mean the official AUs from Omniverse, or my AU original characters? 
sameri12345 Featured By Owner Edited May 19, 2015
Yours. I know the official ones. Them I can remember. If its not too much trouble.
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