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Ben 10 United by CheshireP
Ben 10 United
I love the franchise as a whole. You can be a fan of OS, UAF, and OV at the same time. Just because you're an UAF fan, doesn't mean it automatically makes you an OV hater. Just because you love Omniverse, doesn't mean you hate UAF. Just because OS is your favorite series, doesn't mean you don't like its sequels. Each series has its own good and bad points. None of the series is really perfect, but they're all enjoyable in some ways. I know I'm not a very smart and fun person, but I don't know why we have to pick a side and make fun of each other. So that's why I drew this.  
Pre-Benzarro ver. 2 by CheshireP
Pre-Benzarro ver. 2

Based on Derrick’s idea. When we talked about Benzarro’s possible past, he suggested that Benzarro could be originally a mad scientist who was responsible for the zombie outbreak. Since the patient zero was Gwen, maybe Benzarro used his own cousin as a test subject.

But this is NOT an official concept. We just made things up for fun. Derrick hasn’t decided yet if Benzarro would be good or evil before he turned into a zombie. If Benzarro used to be a good guy, he'd probably be like the last one I did.… 

Cosmic by CheshireP
Based on this post… 

Don't ask me why I drew this or why he's like this. I don't know, either. I just realized that robe looks like a dress or something :/ Oh, well.
Halloween doodle by CheshireP
Halloween doodle
I drew this one for the Halloween collaboration I did with my Korean friends. Benzarro is my favorite evil AU Ben.
23 for 10/24 by CheshireP
23 for 10/24
I drew this for :iconsmilingyou:'s birthday. Ben 23 is her favorite character.

I thought of an alternate universe where the genders and personalities are reversed. First, I made Brenda 63, and then I came up with other characters, too.
Brenda Tennyson: Ben’s female counterpart.…

Glen Tennyson: Gwen’s male counterpart. A science and SF nerd who never believed in magic until he met Hex and Charmcaster. He’s still trying to explain magical phenomena with his scientific knowledge. He’s also a hyperactive oddball, which sometimes caused conflicts with his teachers. His school grades weren’t very good because of that, but one professor at Friedkin University finally acknowledged his genius and creativity. So Glen was able to get into the college. He is also a huge fan of Brenda’s alien forms, so he always encourages her to use the Omnitrix.  

Kaylin Levin: Kevin’s female counterpart. The heiress of Levin Enterprises, a large business conglomerate. Her parents were afraid somebody might be after her mutant powers, so they tried their best to protect their only daughter from any harm when she was young. Kaylin was tired of their overprotection, so she ran away from home and met Brenda for the first time in New York. Kaylin is a very generous, carefree, and well-mannered lady. But sometimes she can be too naive as well. She may look like a vulnerable lady, but she’s, in fact, a formidable fighter because she has learned various fighting skills as she grew up.  

Rook Blayka: Rook’s female counterpart. A highly experienced veteran Plumber who used to fought in various wars. However, the cruelty of wars turned her cold and bitter. She always drinks Amber Ogia wine to forget her trauma in the battlefield. At first, she was reluctant to work with Brenda, but now she’s teaching knowledge and skills as a Plumber to her partner. Although she always speaks in a rough manner and uses contractions, the truth is, Blayka is a Revonnahgander with a good heart. Because she knows the horrors of wars, she values lives more than anything.

Jun Yamamoto: Julie’s male counterpart. One of the best baseball players in Bellwood High School. Although he is a little brash and immature, Jun is a very passionate and energetic athlete. He never had much trouble with his girlfriend Brenda,  but he gets killed when he tried to save Brenda from Ellen Validus’ attack.

Kai Green: Kai’s male counterpart. A reserved, gentle archaeologist. While Kai likes Brenda as a person, he’s scared of her alien forms. So sometimes he has conflicts with her. He especially hates Blitzwolfer because of his childhood trauma. But he’s also sorry he made her lose confidence in herself when they were kids.

Albedo’s female counterpart(her name hasn’t been decided yet): She seems to be a lively, easygoing girl who can blend in with other humans perfectly. But the truth is, she’s just acting. Her true personality is cruel and manipulative. Although she may sound nice and polite when she speaks to her opponents, it’s a mere sarcasm.  

Charmcaster’s male counterpart(his name hasn’t been decided, either): A cold and calculating sorcerer. He always tries to think everything logically. He even accepts his enemies’ ideas if he thinks they are reasonable. He considers Glen as a pathetic madman.


Ji Yeon Park
South Korea
This is CheshireP's page XD. You can also call me "Karin"; it's my more common nickname on Korean websites.

Since English is not my first language, there might be some bad(or really horrible) grammar. So please don't laugh at me when I make a stupid mistake^^; But I'll do my best improving my English skills.

I usually post my drawings and an English version of sneak peek of Ben 10: Science Hero(The publisher has allowed me to do so, btw).

There is a fanfic I've written since 3~4 years ago as well. It's called "Ben in the Nightmare." Two of my dearest friends are helping me posting it here. But I warn you, its genre is horror! So I don't recommend you to read my fanfic if you don't like gory or creepy stuffs.

Beside of English, I'm learning Spanish, too. My BF is a Hispanic LOL. Although I can say a few basic phrases right now, I'll study hard so I can understand what she says in Spanish.

Currently I'm studying in Florida, but I'll move to California this fall for my future college life:D I'm going to UCLA! Whoo-hoo! And I'll visit S. Korea when I have enough time.

By the way, my Twitter account is clover_karin. If you want to personally talk with me, follow me!^^

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thunderfoxjt Featured By Owner 38 minutes ago
awesomeness, I gotta say, your ben 10 art rocks. before the show was ever aired, I have an OC avatar who uses a transformation watch that lets him transforms into different job class heroes due to his photographic memory/reflexes. Would love to talk to you some more, and drop by my DA gallery sometime.
GCBomniverse Featured By Owner 21 hours ago  Student Traditional Artist
Do you do requests? Because I'm doing a crossover for my Ben 10 Fan fic with "Steven Universe" and ive been strugling to make Amethyst in Omniverse Style and your probably one of the best artists I know so i was wondering if you could try to do Amethyst in OV style :3 If you can't that's alright.
CheshireP Featured By Owner 18 hours ago
Oh, I'm flattered. Thanks. That's so kind of you to say. Sure. It shouldn't be hard. Do you want me to just draw her in OV style or redesign her slightly?
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DilluscusVIP Featured By Owner 22 hours ago  New member Hobbyist General Artist
Do you take requests?
CheshireP Featured By Owner 18 hours ago
Depends. What do you want me to draw?
DilluscusVIP Featured By Owner 15 hours ago  New member Hobbyist General Artist
How about Ben Tennyson from another dimension where everything is like the Wild West.
CheshireP Featured By Owner 15 hours ago
Alright. Not a problem. Just give me some time, okay? Right now I'm busy with school. Also, do you want him to be good or evil?
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LinkHelios234 Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Student Artist
CheshireP Featured By Owner 18 hours ago
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