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  • Ben 10 Mary Sue Test ver.2


    1. Is the character named after you? [5]

    2. Is the character named after a canon character? [4]

    3. Is the name unusual for the character's country or world?[2](ex: Reverie-Alba Draco Mashiro Snowbloom)

    4.A random name you just made up?[1]

    5. A normal name, but spelled differently? [1]

    6. Does the name have some special meanings? [1]
    (ex: Penumbra means a shadowy or indefinite area)

    7. Does he/she have any special title or nickname that makes the character sound cooler?[1]
    (ex: Lyra the Blue Moon)

    8. Does your character's name rhyme with any sort of number intentionally? [1]
    • Is this number 10? [3]

    • Is it 11? [2]

    • Does this person's last name also rhyme with that number, or has the number in it somewhere? [1]

    • Does the character have this naming scheme despite not being related to any of the main characters at all? [1]


    1. Does your character look the same as a character from the actual show, except for hair and eye color? [3](ex:…)

    2. Is your character a gender-bender version of a canon character?[8]

    3. Does your character share any physical characteristic with a canon character?[3]

    4. Does your character share any physical characteristic with you? [2]

    5. Does your character look much younger than he/she really is?[1]

    6. Does the character dress in a manner you find particularly like? [1]
    • Clothes that you usually wear?[2]

    • Clothes that make the character look sexy?[1]

    • Clothes that you've ever wanted to wear?[2]

    7. Does he/she have an unusual hair/eye color like anime characters do? [1]
    • More than one hair color?[1]

    • Red eyes?[1]

    • Mismatched eyes? [1]
    (ex: one is blue, and one is yellow)
    • Do his/her eyes have something to do with his/her hidden power? [1]

    8. Is your character described as exceptionally beautiful? [3]

    9. Does your character have a nice body shape?[3]
    • It always stays the same, no matter how much he/she eats?[1]


    1. Is your character…
    • Nice to everyone?[2]

    • Lively and cheerful?[1]

    • Free-spirited?[1]

    • Loyal?[1]

    • Modest?[1]

    • Generous?[1]

    • Well-mannered?[1]

    • Careful?[1]

    • Very responsible?[1]

    • Innocent?[2]

    • Courageous?[2]

    • Quick-witted?[1]

    • Hard-working?[1]

    • More rational than others?[2]

    • Strong and tough?[2]

    • Rebellious to authority?[3]

    • (female only)A tomboy?[1]

    • A perfectionist?[2]

    • A good negotiator?[3]

    • A fast learner?[2]

    • A great problem solver?[3]

    • A lone wolf?[2]

    • A "kickass"? [5]

    2. Does he/she share some same characteristics or hobbies with a canon character? [3]

    3. Is your character a clone of somebody? [1]
    • A canon character?[5]

    4. Is your character a robot? [3]
    • An android?[1]

    • Can he/she think for himself/herself?[1]

    • Does he/she have emotions?[1]

    • Can he/she turn into a weapon?[1]

    5. Does the character speak in a rough manner?[1]
    • Other people don't mind about how he/she says at all?[1]

    • And do they think the character is a "badass"? [5]

    • Does your character often use words that are inappropriate for kids show?[8]
    (ex: the F-word, s**t, b***h)

    6. Does everybody like your character? [2]

    7. Does everybody hate your character?[1]

    8. Is your character rich?[1]
    • Without having a job?[2]

    • Is the wealth inherited from his/her parents?[1]

    • Your character doesn't tell others about his/her wealth because he/she wants true friends?[1]

    9. Does this character have any personal vehicle? [1]
    • A fancy sports car?[1]

    • A motorcycle? [1]

    • A jet? [3]

    • A spaceship?[3]

    • Can any of them transform into something else, such as a submarine? [2]

    • Is the vehicle personally modified with special gadgets or alien tech? [2]

    10. Does this character have any pet?[1]
    • Earth animal that is unusual to be a pet?[1]
    (ex: a wolf, a tiger, a panda, a venomous snake, a deer, etc)
    • An alien pet, like Ship?[2]

    • A mythical creature?[3]
    (ex: a dragon, a chimera, a phoenix, etc)
    • Does the pet completely understand what its owner says?(or vice versa?) [1]

    • Does it have any special ability to help its owner who is in trouble?[1]


    1. Does your character have an unusually tragic or complexed past? [3]

    2. Does your character have a past that is suspiciously similar to one of the characters in the show?[3]
    • Did he/she grow up on the streets, like Kevin?[1]

    3. Is your character a part of a royal family?[1]
    • A rebellious prince/princess who doesn't follow the tradition of monarchy? [1]

    • A good-hearted prince/princess who loves going adventures?[1]

    • A king/queen who rules a country, a planet, or a galaxy? [1]

    4. Is your character a Plumber?[1]
    • After having almost no experience with aliens and not even going to a Plumber's Academy?[5]

    • Were his/her parents Plumbers as well?[1]

    • If they have only been a Plumber for a short time, are they already considered one of the best? [3]

    • Are they considered better than Ben, Gwen, and Kevin? [5]

    5. The character's parents are…
    • Dead[3]

    • Missing[2]

    • Alive, but they don't bother him/her at all. [2]

    • Overly restrictive[1]


    1.Does your character make an appearance at the very first beginning of the story?[2]

    2. Is he/she greatly important throughout your story?[2]
    • More important than Ben, Gwen, and Kevin? [1]

    3. Is your character acquainted with Ben Tennyson, Gwen Tennyson, or Kevin Levin? [1]
    • All three? [1]

    • Is she/he their friend? [2]

    • Are they part of the core team somehow? [3]

    4. Do Ben, Gwen, and Kevin all trust your character when they meet him/her?[1]
    • Despite the circumstances of the situation making it so they really shouldn't?[3]

    • Does your character end up being accepted into the main circle within days of meeting the team? [2]

    • Hours? [2]

    • Minutes? [2]

    • Immediately?[4]

    5. Does your character lose the whole memory in your story?[3]
    • Still can fluently speak and write? [1]

    • No problem with any normal activity? [1]

    • Knows how to use his/her superpower, even right after the character lost the memory? [1]

    • After losing the memory, has your character's personality changed?[1]

    6. Does your character get targeted/kidnapped by a villain?[1]
    • Does a canon character save him/her?[2]

    • Does the character escape from the villain by himself/herself?[3]

    7. Does your character often save canon characters? [2]

    8. If this character is a villain…
    • Is he/she powerful enough to be considered one of the main threats to Ben, Gwen, and Kevin?[2]

    • Is he/she even stronger than Vilgax?[5]

    • Does he/she turn good eventually? [3]

    9. Does everyone who hates him/her end up humiliated, beaten up, arrested or dead? [5]
    • By your character?[3]

    Love Interest

    1. Does any canon character fall in love with your character?[3]
    • Immediately? [5]

    • Is the person one of the main characters? [3]

    • Is the person Ben?[2]

    • Do they kiss? [3]

    • Does the canon character break up with his/her previous lover before/after meeting your character? [5]

    2. Does your character have a sex with a canon character? [8]
    • Has your character ever raped the canon character (or vice versa)? [10]

    • Does your character often sexually harass the canon character?(or vice versa)?[5]

    3. Does a canon character become your character's slave or pet? [10]

    4. If the lover is an original character, is he/she your ideal type?[6]

    5. Is there anybody else who loves your character? If so, how many of them?
    (note: 2 points for each)

    6. Do the character's love interests fight over him/her?


    1. Does your character have an Omnitrix/Ultimatrix?[5]
    • Is this Omnitrix pretty much the same thing as Ben's, only a different color and name?[1]

    • Is it all around better and more powerful than Ben's Omnitrix?[3]

    • Does the character know how to use it right off the bat?[3]

    • Was your character's Omnitrix built by Azmuth, despite the fact that he clearly stated that there cannot be another Omnitrix in the universe?[2]

    • Did Azmuth entrust your human character with the Omnitrix? [2]

    2. The character doesn't have an Omnitrix/Ultimatrix, but he/she can transform into something?[2]
    • Into one kind of alien?[1]

    (ex: Alan Albright from the actual show can turn into a Pyronite whenever he wants)
    • Into a mythical creature, such as a dragon and a fairy?[1]

    • Into more than one things?[2]

    • All the aliens Ben transforms into?[8]

    3. Is your character an Anodite? [1]
    • Anodite/human hybrid? [3]

    • Did he/she start off as a human before discovering their Anodite powers? [1]

    • If so, is this character better at using their powers than Gwen? [3]

    • Is your character a special type of Anodite that is far more powerful than a normal Anodite, with no balancing downsides?[3]

    4. Is your character an Osmosian? [1]
    • Osmosian/human hybrid? [3]

    • Can your character turn into pure liquid or gaseous substances by touching them? [3]

    • Does this character absorb energy?[2]

    • And his/her sanity is not affected by doing it at all? [8]

    5. Is your character any other kind of alien hybrid? [1]
    • A Human/alien hybrid?[2]

    • A hybrid of more than two species?[5]

    • Does he/she have all the strengths of their alien, but none of the weaknesses?[8]

    • Does the character look much like a human without wearing an I.D mask?[1]
    (ex:… )
    • Do they retain aspects of their human form as an alien that are odd for the species, but only ones that make them seem less ugly? (Human hair, humanoid shape, etc.)

    • Is their alien side something that doesn't make sense, such as a Celestialsapien?[10]

    6. Is your character a pure alien? [1]
    • A humanoid?[1]

    7. Is your character a mutant? [1]
    • Does he/she still look like a normal person? [3]

    8. Does your character use magic?[1]
    • Does he/she use various magic items, like Charmcaster does?[1]

    • Does he/she memorize all of his/her spells?[1]

    • Is he/she able to control the Master Magician's Staff?… [3]
    • Is the character more skilled in magic than Gwen, Charmcaster, or Hex? [3]

    9. Is your character immortal? [7]
    • Some sort of magical creatures, such as a vampire and a werewolf?[2]

    • A god/goddess? [13]

    10. Does he/she have any other superpower? If so, how many of them?
    (note: 3 points for each)

    Other Abilities

    1. Is your character athletically talented?[1]
    • Great at any sports?

    2. Is your character highly intelligent?[1]
    • A genius? [2]

    • A hacker? [1]

    • Can he/she build several devices by himself/herself?[3]

    3. Is your character fluent in more than two languages?[1]

    4. Can he/she sing or play any musical instrument very well?[1]
    • Is he/she a professional musician/singer?[1]

    • Does he/she have many fans?[1]

    5. Is your character good at hand-to-hand combat?[1]

    6. Does your character have a considerable knowledge and experience in alien tech? [1]

    7. Does your character ever take down a villain more easily than Ben, Gwen, or Kevin ever could?[2]
    • Does the character take one down that it took the main cast a whole episode to beat in a single short fight?[1]

    • One that it took the main cast an entire season to beat? [2]

    • More than a season? [3]

    • One that they haven't been able to defeat yet?[3]

    8. Does he/she have any other special ability? If so, how many of them?
    (note: 1 points for each)


    1. Is your character…
    • Selfish?[-3]

    • Arrogant?[-3]

    • Lazy?[-3]

    • Air-headed?[-4]

    • Prejudiced?[-5]

    • Scatter-brained?[-3]

    • Too stubborn?[-3]

    • Careless?[-3]

    • Rude?[-3]

    • Too passive?[-3]

    • Paranoid?[-5]

    • Greedy?[-4]

    • Powerless?[-4]

    • Totally dependent on somebody?[-5]

    • Dirty?[-7]

    • Addicted to something?[-5]

    • A coward?[-7]

    • A snob?[-8]

    • A hypocrite?[-10]

    • A crybaby?[-7]

    • A yes-man?[-10]

    • A mama's boy/girl?[-10]

    • A spoiled child?[-6]

    • A stereotypical nerd or geek?[-5]

    • A weirdo?[-5]

    • A creep? [-5]

    • Sometimes a jerk?[-5]

    • A bully?[-7]

    2. Is your character jealous of somebody? [-5]
    • Has he/she ever tried to get rid of the person?[-3]

    • But failed?[-3]

    • If so, does your character end up humiliated or ruined?[-5]

    3. Is your character overly competitive? [-5]
    • Does he/she even cheat to win?[-3]

    4. Does your character look ugly in your opinion? [-5]
    • Fat? [-10]

    • Bald? [-10]

    5. Does your character look much older than he/she actually is?[-7]

    6. Do others frequently…
    • Ignore your character?

    • Totally forget about him/her?

    • Consider him/her annoying?

    (note: -10 points for each)

    7. Has he/she ever lied to somebody?[-3]
    • Often?[-2]

    • Is the character a con-man? [-7]

    8. Does your character often cause troubles or make situations worse? [-8]

    9. Is your character good-looking just because of…
    • Plastic surgeries?

    • Make-up?

    • Wig or stuffed bra?

    (note: -15 points for each)

    10. Does he/she have any other weakness? If so, how many of them?
    (note: -2 points for each)

    The Relationship between the Character and You

    1. Have you ever wished your character to appear in the actual show?[1]

    2. When somebody criticizes your character, do you feel insulted?[3]

    3. Do you think your character is an ideal version of yourself?[5]
1. The original is created by :iconbinkatong: [link]
2. This is incomplete, so it will be edited more.
3. You must honestly answer to the questions.
4. This test is for helping you make a well-made OC, not for intentionally offending you.
5. If you have any ideas, please let me know.


-10 or less: Too much flaws. Add some strengths to the character. Even if your character is an antagonist, it still needs to appeal to the readers.

-9~4: Plain. You can give your character a little more characteristics and make him/her more interesting.

5~20: Well-balanced. Nice job!

21~30: Borderline Sue. It's a little dangerous. You should add a few flaws or simplify your character a little bit. It is very important that your character should not overshadow the rest of the characters.

31~45: Mary Sue. Uh-oh. We've got a problem. You gave too many traits to your character. I believe this would help you. [link]

46 or more: Um...You've gone too far. I suggest you to make a new one.
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IAmJynxed Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Retook it for a different OC, and got 13. Yay :)
SuperCrazyfin Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2014  Student Digital Artist
I got 13 :D
IAmJynxed Featured By Owner May 7, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
I've got an exact 21. I'm guessing mine's okay...
ImafanofTororo Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Does it count if you based the persona of your character on yourself, and added the Omnitrix onto him/her?
CheshireP Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2014
He/she may get some points for that, but that doesn't automatically make the characters a Sue.
LovelyDistantStars Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2013  Student Digital Artist
I have a question on Number 3 and 5 on Background, What if the character is a royal who has been BANNED from the country/galaxy for a misunderstood reason and has a bad rep because of that and the other question is that that character's father got murdered BY the mother for greed purposes and has traumatized the character? Do I take off points on the character? Or should I add? PLEASE LEMME KNOW ;O;
LeCockerSpaniel Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2012
Lol I taked it and I got 13.
Samantha-Deathwish Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Gawd... I've seen pretty AWFUL Ben 10 Mary Sues! They're annoying! They're damn stupid!

From this forth, I shall make a GOOD Ben 10 OC! Am scribbling now!
SoNoEcho Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2012
27?! Oh, poop. :ohmygod:
Galvanchick Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Whew I made it ;D 19 I'm glad that my OC is not a Mary Sue!
CheshireP Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2012
Congrats! You did a great job:D
Galvanchick Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Yeah thanks :D
LLLFANOFGF Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2012
YES!! 19 SUCK IT BRO(not you my actual brother) YEAH IN YOUR FACEH!
CheshireP Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2012
Wow, now you're just plain rude, mister.
LLLFANOFGF Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2012
This is going to sound stupid but I don't know is that sarcasm or not XD?
truehero10 Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2012
Mine is 28.
CheshireP Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2012
Little dangerous. But that's okay. Only you need is some editing.:)
truehero10 Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2012
My Ben 10 OC Melody is now 19. :)
CheshireP Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2012
snakeknight Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2012
I thought you might find it funny that I scored in the high 60's when I ran Eunice through this test! XD
CheshireP Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2012
LOL really? That's a very shocking result. I never thougt about her when I was writng this. I didn't expect this at all! I'd be really surprised even if she got 30 or something 'cause she only appeared twice.:laughing:
snakeknight Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2012
Well, most of her points came from Ben falling in love with her and the half-assed break-up with Julie from "Transmogrification of Eunice", having amnesia, being Gwen's clone, and technically having her own Omnitrix in that she is one.
CheshireP Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2012
Yeah, those ones give her a lot of scores. But still, I'm surprised:XD:
InnocentGraces Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2012
Reinrassic-the-5th Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Gosh, After browsing through some of the questions, when I spotted the
"Does your character look the same as a character from the actual show, except for hair color and the eye color?"
I could not help but inserting Albedo in to these questions in a separate page and check the compatibility.
Although Albedo is not an OC, I was laughing so hard at how some of the questions really described him. :rofl:
CheshireP Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2012
Actually, I was talking about OCs like this. [link]
You know, so many people just recolor canon characters and call them OCs:lmao:

But you're right.:XD:
Reinrassic-the-5th Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I don't have any Ocs that I would sometimes imagine to pop up inside the screen or an episode for Ben 10, but I could not resist testing him.

That leads me to a question, do you have any Ocs of your own?
CheshireP Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2012
I used to. But I quit making my own OCs now.
Reinrassic-the-5th Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Btw,I was wondering about the new chapters for the Bin,
how is it going?
CheshireP Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2012
Oh, yeah, I'm working on it:D Thanks for asking
Reinrassic-the-5th Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Thats, good :thumbsup::D
excuse me if going back to your old writing is giving too much extra work
CheshireP Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2012
Um, what do you mean?
(1 Reply)
ETNRL4L Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2012
Seriously, :iconcheshirep:! How comprehensive did you make this thing!:lmao:
The only two characters I can compare to this that I've ever written are Devlin and Kenny so I feel incline to post three somewhat philosophical questions:
1) Are they canon
2)If they are not canon, does changing their mothers to Gwen and Julie respectively make them OC's
3)How much leeway are you willing to give me on the last two of #4 in Superpowers, taking into consideration this unique mixed alien genetics ('Cause honestly, sweetheart! you killed me with Devlin on that one!):confused:
CheshireP Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2012
1) Depends. If you are just talking about Kenny and Devlin from the actual episode Ken 10, they can be considered as canon chracters. But many fans write a fanfic series about them. In that case, those two are pretty much like other OCs.
3)Interesting. That's a good question. Well, since Devlin from the actual show can transform into a mixed alien only, his ability is turning himself "into one kind of alien." And he can be considered as a mutant as well. The question "All the aliens Ben transforms into?" means that a character can transform into Heatblast, Four Arms, Big Chill, etc seperately.
ETNRL4L Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2012
The last two of #4 in Superpowers refers to an Osmosian who can absorb energy without it's side effects, :iconcheshirep:. I did that using the logic that his Anodyte lineage would offset that weakness since Anodytes can manipulate energy into anything they want and it doesn't affect them. Remember who his mother is in this scenario.
CheshireP Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2012
Now I see the problem. Absorbing one's energy is a very, very powerful ability. Not only it allows Osmosians to possess superpowers they want, it also weakens their enemies. Why should Devlin intesely fight if he can just drain energies from his opponents without any side effects? If you make your character too powerful, there is no suspense in battle scenes.

But again, you can give him a new power limits or weaknesses to balance his power.
ETNRL4L Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2012
You've never read any of my stuff, have you :iconcheshirep:? I specialize in humor, so fight scenes are of little importance to me. However, good character development is absolutely paramount to me, so I calculate everything I do in a story with the anal retentiveness of an OCD sufferer. Another such as yourself who I admire deeply, made the exact same analogy about how I portrayed Devlin in the first chapter of my fic...
Let's just say that by the epilogue that tune had changed far more than 360 degrees.
You can off set even an ability as astounding as energy absorption without side effects, my friend. You just have to be very, very creative. If you're curious as to how, click here [link] I would love to know what you think!
CheshireP Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2012
Please pardon me for my ignorance and rudeness, but it seems like you are making a small argument with me. If you know that your character is okay and fits the style of your fanfics, then just go for it. Why do you keep asking me so much things?

Again, this test is for "helping" you make a well-balanced OC. This just give some advice. In addition, it is an incomplete version, and the result of the test isn't always right. I am not a professional writer, either.

I'd like to read your fanfics, but unfortunately I can't now because I've got many stuffs to do for my school projects and self-study.
ETNRL4L Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2012
I'm sorry if I've offended you in any way, :iconcheshirep:! I find your test excellent! It's just my failing that I'm opinionated and find that trying to quantify a form of expression into a standardized equation simply leaves too many variables that cannot be taken into account. I truly apologize.
ETNRL4L Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2012
Please, take it as high praise that I have taken the time to dissect and analyze this test. I don't give this much attention to just anything, I assure you. I truly wanted to gauge it's effectiveness but ultimately how does one accurately gauge creativity?
Once again I apologize for my impetus.
ETNRL4L Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2012
Which brings me back to how much credit does a writer get for good rationalization of their portrayals?
ETNRL4L Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2012
Also killed me on Devlin with #'s 2,5 and 6 of Other Abilities. How am I supposed to write this kid without some of his parent's traits? Who engendered him? Furthermore, the fourth one in #1 of Superpowers killed me with Kenny. I did the Ken 10 Universe thing...somewhat! So, technically there's a pretty substantial hole in the plot the writers left for us to give Kenny an Omnitrix. Especially since Ben has an Ultimatrix not an Omnitrix anymore, which I also clearly stated in my plot.
Honestly, How many points do we get for really good plot development?:giggle:
CheshireP Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2012
Yes, I agree that the Omnitrix part can give a character a lot of scores. However, that doesn't mean having the Omnitrix automatically makes him a bad character.

You can still make him a well-balanced by giving him some flaws. And trust me, you can reduce the score very easily. For example, does Kenny sometimes get cocky and be jerk, like 10-year-old Ben does? Then he'll get -8 points/ Also, he can have some fears, like being afraid of height. He can get jealous of somebody as well. Protagonists do not always act like a saint. And finally, give him some weaknesses. Maybe his Omnitrix is much weaker than Ben's, or his watch has a very short time limit.
ETNRL4L Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2012
Actually, I didn't score bad on either of them. I'm just making a point about these two particular characters that I felt should be clarified. I wrote Kenny so wicked!(If I do say so myself) And I fell head over heels with my Devlin! In the end, fanfiction writers don't get paid to write. We do it for fun or as practice. I'm strictly amateur, but I like to put out the best product possible for my readers.
This is why I wanted your opinion on these issues. I try to learn all I can from the best out there.:worship:

This may all become moot if the God awful animation Spoon and Bridget the Anodyte posted actually comes to pass for Omniverse. I can't see myself watching that trash!
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